Parking for cars & trucks

In our area, we have our own parking lot equipped with parking spaces for cars and trucks.

The whole area is monitored by a camera system and an alarm connected to the security service.

The possible use of the parking lot is from 1 day to the whole year.


Parking price list

Personal car / VAN up to 6m long
( 1 day – 10e/day | 2-7 days – 8e/day | 8-30 days – 5e/day | 31-365 days – 2e/day )

Truck up to 12m long
( 1 day – 20e/day | 2-7 days – 15e/day | 8-30 days – 10e/day | 31-365 days – 4e/day )

Truck up to 17m long
( 1day – 30e/day | 2-7 days – 20e/day | 8-30 days – 15e/day | 31-365 days – 8e/day )

Tandem or special up to 30m long
( 1day – 35e/day | 2-7 days – 25e/day | 8-30 days – 20e/day | 31-365 days – 12e/day )

The listed prices are without VAT

Storage and handling of goods

In our area, we can provide storage of small shipments, or short-term storage of a larger number of pallets.

We provide unloading, loading and transshipment of goods, we can also provide and import a pallet truck for unloading goods. We can use a crane or other equipment to handle the goods. In the case of long-term leases and goods, we use our contracted external warehouses, where we can ensure import, export, storage and handling of goods.


Service of Scania vehicles and Krone semi-trailers

As our vehicle fleet contains only Scania and Krone vehicles and semi-trailers, we can provide complete spare parts for these brands.

We have appropriate diagnostics and preparations for repairing and identifying the problems of these brands. Our workshop contains everything necessary for us to be able to help you with a problem on your vehicle or trailer.


Service Carrier

As one of the companies, we can also provide a complete service of the Carrier brand.

We own original diagnostics and complete equipment for the repair and service of aggregates.


Car & truck tire service

In 2022, we purchased complete tire service equipment for both cars and trucks for our future customers and us.

Our tire service includes the latest technology from the Gorghi brand.
It is also possible to order discs or tires of various brands through us.

Verification of tachographs

We have expanded our activities in the field of tachograph inspection and calibration mainly because of our own vehicles and thus could offer our customers another range of options and services.

We perform this service in cooperation with the company



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